What To Do Prior To The Sale Of Your Home

Styling your home for sale doesn’t need to be an over whelming experience, first and foremost writing yourself a to do list is going to be your saving grace. By creating a list, you can clearly outline what needs to be done and get things moving.

Keeping in mind the golden rule, less is more! De-cluttering your home makes it feel warm and inviting. You are trying to make buyers feel an emotional attachment to your home! Enough so they want to buy it.

Whether it be out with the old and in with the new, or simply working with what you have, it’s important to keep things simple and fresh. With so many company’s offering styling packages at the minute, there are several options when it comes to elevating your homes potential.

And you don’t have to spend a fortune to achieve it! Incorporating your existing furniture with some new low cost options can look fabulous without breaking the bank.

Updating tired fixture and fittings will improve the overall look of the home, and in some cases a fresh coat of paint will bring new life to the property.

If you are finding some of your space’s need a lift, adding new cushions, linens and towels can be a great option.

Adding greenery gives life to any space, creating a great flow from inside your home to outdoors. Choosing a plant with longevity such as palms, fish bone ferns, cacti and peace lilies are a great investment.

Keeping gardens tidy, pools clean and outdoor areas immaculate is an absolute must. And let’s remember when your home is on the market people will consistently be driving by, so keeping the lights on at night and making sure the front of house is well kept is ideal.

As the old saying says “first impressions count” so with an abundance of properties on the markets you want buyers to remember yours. It’s the little things that will make all the difference.

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